Product characteristics of spherical aluminum powder


Product characteristics of spherical aluminum powder

This product is a reactive metal, dangerous class 4.3, flammable when wet. Explosion limit of 25-40%, the ignition temperature of 645 ° C. A large number of dust when wet, steam can spontaneous combustion, mixed with oxidants can form explosive mixture, with fluorine, chlorine and other contact will occur violent chemical reaction, contact with acids or strong alkali can produce hydrogen, cause combustion explosion. Powder and air can also form explosive mixtures. When it reaches a certain concentration, it will explode on Mars.

USES: this product is mainly used in chemical raw materials, metal paint, metal pigment, solid rocket propellant, paint, fireworks, etc., also used in metallurgical industry.

Packing: fully open plastic bucket or woven bag, lined with anti-static plastic film bag, net weight of 50kg per barrel (bag).

Storage and transportation conditions: the product is stored in a dry and clean warehouse, away from fire and heat source, prevent direct sunlight, and keep the container sealed. It should be handled in nitrogen and stored separately from oxidant, acid and alkali. Handle with care to prevent damage of packing and container.

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