Characteristics of powder aluminum alloy


Characteristics of powder aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy formed by powder metallurgy process. It can be divided into four kinds: powder high strength, super high strength, high temperature and low density aluminum alloy. Due to the rapid solidification/powder metallurgy full process of rapid solidification powder, the alloy has the characteristics of fine structure and small composition segregation, its mechanical properties are often better than the traditional ingot metallurgy production of aluminum alloy. However, the powder high strength, low density aluminum alloy are from the traditional high strength and low density aluminum alloy continuous improvement competition, application prospects are unclear. But the mechanical properties of powder high temperature and super high strength aluminum alloy are obviously superior to that of traditional aluminum alloy, and they can not be produced by traditional technology, so it shows a good application prospect. High temperature powder, super-high strength aluminum alloy can be used to replace the aviation and aerospace fields below 315 ℃ using titanium alloy or steel, in order to achieve the purpose of weight reduction and cost reduction.

Zinc Flake Powder、Flake Zinc Alloy Powder、Atomized Aluminum Alloy Powder.

Zinc Flake Powder

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