Self-heating Food Package

Self-heating food package is made of self-heating materials ,mainly composed of aluminum powder, calcium oxide, sodium bicarbonate, etc., using non-toxic harmless water vapor produced when reacts with water generated heat to heat food (fever package using interlayer and food when using partition, not direct contact with food).

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    Self-Heating Food Packaging

    Self-Heating Food Packaging

    Product name: Self-Heating Food Packaging
    Ingredients: Aluminum powder, calcium oxide, sodium bicarbonate
    Heat Package material: Non-woven fabric
    Sealing film: vacuum nylon film bag, (non-)transparent film bag
    Customized sealing film: aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil paper bag, Printed or blank outer sealing film bag can be customized according to requirements.
    Production Capacity: 800,000 to 1,000,000 packages per day.
    Application: Suitable for heating food and drinks including Water, Rice, Coffee, Milk, Tea, Noodles, Canned food, Packed food, Hot Pot Food, Beverage and so on.

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