Characteristics of spherical aluminum powder


Characteristics of spherical aluminum powder

Product Features

1. High secondary classification accuracy: the product particle size distribution is uniform, the 1-45um distribution interval can be precisely adjusted, the classification accuracy reaches ±1um, and the classification accuracy of some products can reach ±0.5um;

2, the product quality is good: the product has high sphericity, impurity content is very small, the raw material aluminum content is 99.9%, the active aluminum content is not less than 98%, the production process is closed under the protection of nitrogen to produce packaging, automatic control is implemented to ensure product quality;

3, high fine powder recovery rate: the company produces ultra-fine spherical aluminum powder with a median diameter D50 between 0-75um of various specifications, D50 ≤ 17um fine powder recovery rate of more than 93%, effectively guarantee the company's fine powder Yield;

4. Customize different particle size distribution fine powder: The company customizes products with different particle size distribution specifications according to customer requirements to meet the different requirements of different customers for specific products.

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