• 5056 Aluminum Alloy Powder
  • 5056 Aluminum Alloy Powder
5056 Aluminum Alloy Powder
  • China
  • 20-25 days
  • 50mt/m

1. Particle size D50 can be customized as from 3 micron to 100 micron.
2. Different particle size can be adjusted.
3. Atomized producing technology.
4. Customized according to your required specification.

5056 Aluminum Alloy Powder

Product name: 5056 Atomized Aluminum Alloy Powder(Al-Mg alloy)

Appearance: Atomized Gray Powder

Producing technology: Nitrogen Protecting Atomizing Technology;

Advantages: Good particle size distribution, strictly produced from the raw material of 5056 aluminum alloy ingot, different particle size can be customized to be produced, 100g free sample can be provided for testing.


1. Raw material of powder metallurgy industry.

2. Raw material of MIM and 3D printing.

3. Metal additive for chemical industry.

Certificate of Analysis

Product Identity
Product Name5056Aluminum  Alloy Powder
SpecificationD50=6.992um  D50=14.97um  D50=21.64um
Batch No.20180508
Production Date2018.03.22
Particle size D10D50D90

Testing Result
No.Testing ItemsTesting Result(%)Rrange(%)
1 Al(%)93.710 Balance
2Mg(%)4.280 4.5~5.6
3Mn(%)0.091 0.05~0.20
4 Fe(%)0.231 <0.4
5 Cu(%)0.040 <0.1
6Si(%)0.170 <0.3
7Zn(%)0.050 <0.1
8others0.100 ≤0.15

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