Flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder characteristics and uses


Flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder characteristics and uses

Product shape: scaly

Product features: After nano processing, multi-layer coating treatment, it has the characteristics of slow sedimentation, long salt spray time, good dispersion and strong shielding ability.

Product use: mainly used in the United States, Dacromet coating technology. It is widely used in organic and water-based coatings, surface treatment of ships, cars, high-speed rail, electric power facilities, steel structures.

Brief description of the application mechanism and characteristics: The flaky zinc-aluminum alloy powder combines the advantages of flake zinc powder and flake aluminum powder, and achieves a balance in material preparation, corrosion resistance and coating appearance. Zinc-aluminum alloy has good ductility, scale specifications are easy to control, and high scale specific surface area can be conveniently obtained; sheet-like zinc-aluminum alloy powder has an effective anodic protection effect on the steel matrix by pure Zn layer, and contains sufficient Al, capable of forming a complete Al2O3 protective film to improve its corrosion resistance. Due to the incorporation of aluminum, the flaky zinc-aluminum alloy coating also has an excellent metallic luster which is not possessed by pure zinc powder. At the same time, the zinc-aluminum alloy powder also avoids the problem of uneven coating liquid caused by different density of zinc powder and aluminum powder in the coating, and is an ideal anti-corrosion pigment for the chromium-free Dacromet coating.

Flaky aluminum powder

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