Aluminum powder production and processing methods / flake aluminum powder


Aluminum powder production and processing methods / flake Aluminum powder

1. Melt extrusion method:

In this method, the metal pigment and the remaining components of the powder coating (resin or the like) are heated and extruded through a screw extruder. Although the metallic pigment and the powder coating can be sufficiently mixed, the metallic pigment is insufficiently oriented in the high viscosity melt. Further, in the next pulverization process, the sheet-like structure of the pigment is inevitably destroyed. The metal powder produced by this method has a metallic effect with a gray color. Therefore, this method is only used for the production of hammer grain powder.

2, dry mixing method:

The method is to add a dry powder of metallic pigment to a pulverized powder coating and mix it with a mechanical mixer. The advantage of the dry mixing method is that the metallic pigment and the powder coating are not very intensely mixed, thereby preventing deformation of the sheet metal pigment, and the metal effect is thus not affected. In addition, the loose pigment/resin mixture is also very advantageous for the orientation of the metallic pigments and improves the glittering effect. The disadvantage of this method is that when the recycled powder is treated by the automatic spraying equipment, the separation phenomenon is caused by the difference in shape, density and charged charge of the metal pigment and the resin powder particles.

3. Bonding-Process:

The method mixes the metal pigment and the powder coating while heating, so that the temperature just exceeds the softening point of the resin, and the metal pigment can be fixedly bonded to the surface of the viscous resin powder, thereby preventing the powder from being applied. Separation of metal pigments and resin powders during neutralization after construction. It is the popular bonding law.

Aluminum powder

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