aluminum powder for conductive aluminum paste

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    Spherical Aluminum Powder

    Spherical Aluminum Powder

    1. High accuracy with double grading: Good particle size distribution. The product size can be adjusted between 1-45μm accurately with the grading accuracy as ±0.5um. 2. Better quality control: Good sphericity , less impurity, 99.85% aluminum content in raw material with more than 98% active aluminum in finished product, produced and packed under the protection of nitrogen, auto-controlling in the producing process for quality assurance. 3. Good collecting rate: We produce the particle size as D50 between 0-75μm, the collecting rate of the powder that less than 10μm(D50≤10um) can be above 85%, which ensures the output of the ultra-fine aluminum powder; 4. Customized according to your requirements: Our factory can produce the products according to the different customers’ demanding and satisfy their different requirements for the specific powder.

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