Properties and uses of flake zinc powder


Flake zinc powder, silver grey flake powder in appearance, mainly used in diomet, dacromet coating technology and the development and production of zinc yellow coating solution.

It is mainly used in the development and production of diomet, dacromet coating technology and zinc-yellow coating liquid. It is also widely used in organic and water-borne coatings, and in the surface treatment powder spraying of cars, radars, warships, tanks, auto parts, iron towers and so on.

Flake zinc powder can be used as a zinc rich primer with a variety of resins, such as ethyl silicate, epoxy ester, epoxy and polyurethane. In terms of structure, even if the amount of zinc flake in this formula is less than that of ordinary zinc powder paint, it will not reduce the anti-corrosion performance of the coating. Add other anticorrosive pigments and flake pigments, such as mica iron oxide, mica powder, etc. It can not only reduce the amount of flake zinc powder, but also make it have the effect of compound anti-corrosion. Zinc-containing water-borne anti-corrosion coating solution can be used as both topcoat and primer, greatly enhancing its anti-corrosion performance.

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Zinc Flake Powder

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